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Premio Art - the brainchild of curator and sociologist Pamela Cento and curator Sonia Mazzoli - at its second edition now, is an art contest open to any form of visual language and involves a series of exhibition cycles, or "Steps", of 2 weeks each, within a year-long period of time.  Each of this collective exhibitions shows about 30 artists, comfortably displayed through the spaciousness of the exhibition areas.

The process of voting the artists, happens through two channels, respectively : the Artistic Direction Comitee and the Online Votation ( with an average of 500 weekly votes, and a total of about 6000 yearly votes).
Besides P. Cento and S. Mazzoli, the Artistic Direction Commitee is composed by architets Vincenzo Pultrone and Domenico Pasqua, and architects/ collectors Luisa and Ciro Smiraglia (creators of Abitart Hotel and Estrobar).


For the winners of each one of the Exhibition Steps: Collective exhibition at the Caffe Letterario.

For the Artistic Direction Committee winner and the online votation winner: a partnered exhibition (Bi-personale), with the winner of of the other "voting channel" at Caffe Letterario, Media Catalog, Critic review, Web Press Agency service, Honorable Mention Artistic Direction Committee.

The settings for each Step are alternately:  Caffè Letterario (, with its more than 10.000 square feet of space, was born in 2008 in the suggestive spaces of a previously dismissed garage,and has become a unique artistic and cultural joint, since.

And Abitart Hotel (, stage of the current, first exhibition Step of this 2013-14 season of the contest.
Both venues are located in the heart of Testaccio, the ultimate frontier of the artistic avanguarde scene in the Eternal City.

The intense promotion job Cento Produzioni and Caffè Letterario offer, joined to the fortunate location, generally guarantee a high attendance to the openings and a constant visitors flow.

The next Exhibition Step will open at Caffè Letterario on Dec 18th, will run through January 7th, and - in an aim to create a rich, ever-growing channel of communication between this two artistic capitals - for the first time is introducing a section dedicated to visual artists based in New York City.




Artistic Director Mazzoli & Cento Produzioni Art & Communication

Art Caffè Letterario di Roma


Premio Art Abitart

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