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ArtItaly&ArtWorld is an ambitious exhibition project aims to draw more attention on a substantial dialogue between artists of Italian and foreign nationality; its design is part of Pamela Cento (Cento Art and Communication Productions), which develops around the emphasis of the art dialogue between different cultures. Cento Art and Communication Productions is arranging an exhibit will run through two different sections, the one portraying art made in Italy, and the other running in parallel and involving artists born or living abroad. Our goal is to allow visitors to gain a real insight into the vast variety of emerging arts, as well as to showcase a spectacular array of talented artists from all around the world. Pamela Cento has promoted in the past years talented artists of Italian and foreign nationality, and over the time, it has been considered for many art professionals as an opportunity for being involved in international exhibitions.

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The art exhibition develops in two stages, over the same date and duration, and it will run simultaneously on two sections ArtItaly and ArtWorld: the exhibition’s spectrum includes from a side some works exclusively made in Italy, from the other a selection of works from all over the world (Artitaly&Artworld First Step 5 to 10 June 2014 - Second Step Exhibition June 12 to 17 in 2014).


The DomagkAteliers ( located north of Monaco of Bavaria is a conglomeration of over a hundred art workshops and studios featuring the challenging work of approximately 150 artists. It is one of the largest exhibition spaces in Europe, representing a mix of art nationalities and identities. This privileged location for art comparison welcomes also exchange programs with artists from all around the world. Inside the DomagkAteliers, the “halle50” is an exhibition open space reflecting the cultural crosscurrents and decentralized reality of the international artwork today. Finally, it lies at the core of our ambitions, through this programmed art exhibition, is to promote talented emerging artists through the opportunity to exhibit their art in the context of a “white cube” of longstanding international reputation.


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